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Branca Burg – Federica Altobelli

Aufstockung der Rentenversicherung in Neuperlach/ München von Federica Altobelli.

Trabantenstadt Neuperlach, Munich. An area characterized by the heterogeneity  of the urban forms. Every dimension is given, besides the traditional city structure of the closed block. The new city served as a playground for the architectural experimentation of the post war years.

Nowadays the challenge is to preserve the possibilities discovered from this new urban structure while improving the densification. The old insurance building of the architect Freiherr von Branca is the optimal example for the research on reuse of post war structures.

The german cultural and legislative context pushes to a tabula rasa in favor of a new efficiency based architecture. This project wants to research on this extreme form in order to find a to do manifesto pointing out the possibilities given from the existent structures.